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About Our College


Hello Learners!

Ask this to yourself today, ‘How much has my education up till now actually benefitted me’?

Many of you will find that most of your learning has been bifurcated into channels that are irrelevant to your career requirements, and now you’re left with little time and capital!

Being at the leading front of the Education Industry, we have seen the operational and internal lags up-close, and to mitigate those barriers to flourish the world’s future, we created LCOGE.

Established in the year 2010, our 10 years journey has made us the pioneers in catering specialized courses in Teaching. We are a UK-registered institute that’s run by a group of professionals backed with years of experience in the Educational sector.

Our plethora of courses serve students looking for higher studies, professional certification courses, and even a corporate looking for upskilling their workforce.

Our team of qualified professionals delivers streamlined lectures that suit your requirements. You can customize your own course, choose the time that fits your schedule and learn either in a classroom or while sitting at home in any part of the world!

LCOGE firmly believes in making knowledge accessible and affordable to all! Because those who really want to learn today makes for great leaders tomorrow!


“Bridging learners and employers by providing relevant education and skills.”


“Paving a highly calibrated journey that inspires and changes a learner’s life.”


At LCOGE, our commitment to bring the best-in-class educational reforms to a learner’s avail is preached selflessly!
We thrive to making education affordable while being utmost diligent with our quality of delivering authentic knowledge from educators who are professional, savvy, and simply the best at what they do!

We make sure there’s nothing that clips your wings, no matter where you put or which course you want to learn!

LCOGE makes education global!

Our Strength

We strike the right chord that balances the essentials of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences that molds you holistically and makes your learning experience wholesome!


Flexible learning

Your Learning Curve, Designed By YOU!

The world needs a better way of educating students, now more than ever! If you’re someone who’s juggling work, studies, and life, you don’t just have our respect, but also our impeccable bespoke courses that can be altered by you at your discretion!

Our Online Learning platform enables the students to attend classes, connect with the tutor, gain practical exposure, and reach out to the world while staying behind a screen! The best part? It just costs a fraction of what a conventional course would cost you!