Journey to Success


There’s no such thing as ‘too much learning’

At LCOGE, we believe that the prime of your learning curve must be fulfilled with the right set of qualifications and skills, putting aside the geographical, social, cultural, or economic constraints!

Through our extensive and deeply researched programs, you can rest assured that your training will be modulated by the world’s chosen experts from the respective industries, and their teachings will give you a learning experience that’s more than just a degree stamp.

It will empower you with first-hand knowledge, relevant skills, competency to drive the industries forward, and everything that makes you a winning personality for endless job opportunities!

Assessment Method

Each qualification has a distinctive way of getting assessed by the assessor. The Highfields Qualifications and ATHE Qualifications may differ in their methods of assessment.

Internal Quality Assurance Qualifications

Highfields Qualification

This qualification is assessed by a portfolio of evidence.

Teaching Qualifications

Highfields Qualification

This qualification is assessed by a portfolio of evidence.


Business and Management

The ATHE qualifications encourage the demonstration of knowledge and understanding of a topic and how it’s applied in a given context.

The assessment strategy includes:

a research activity resulting in the compilation of a report
an academic paper or article for publication
the compilation of a case study
a critical review and evaluation of a chosen company’s policies, procedures, and systems
a set project completed for an employer (also known as an ‘employer-engagement’ activity)
the production of a portfolio of evidence relating to a particular unit.

This list is by no means exhaustive but gives examples of some creative assessment methods that could be adopted.

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Student Support

Our learners are our pride, and we ensure that each of them is devoid of any plight that may hamper their educational spirits!

LCOGE's Student Support team is always on its toes to help the fruiting students steer their ways through hardships of any kind.

We have created a safe and warm environment that supports innovation, enthusiasm, and progress that makes everything achievable!

Your dream career is just an application away, get in touch with us now, and we shall guide you towards the path of success!