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Supporting Documents:

It's of top-priority for us that we check each learner's identifications before they start with the qualification and, in the cases of emergency, help the learner find a viable solution in regards to finding the right supporting document.
Each learner is expected to possess the following IDs:

a valid passport (any nationality)
another photographic ID card, e.g. employee ID card, student ID card, travel card etc

*If a learner is unable to produce any of the forms of photographic identification listed above, we may accept another form of identification containing a signature, for example, a credit card. Identification by a third-party representative, such as a line manager, human resources manager, or invigilator, will also be accepted.

Previous Qualification History

The learners are expected to reflect on their previous qualifications history (if any). Applicants who will meet all the qualification criteria set by the center will be allowed to proceed with their applications for the desired qualification.

To know the qualification requirements, please read the details prescribed in the respective courses.

Selection Criteria

Once all of your documents are verified, our institute shall conduct a diligent and intrinsically-driven selection process to make sure that only those who want to learn and excel can be a part of this enriching journey.

It’s categorized into the following levels:

Screening and selection
Document verification
Application Processing
Initial Assessment, if required

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Progression Route

Learners who have successfully completed their qualification with us and wish to move forward in the journey with advanced courses can take up the Progression Route.

If you are completing Level 5 and & Top-up with LCOGE, then you can join the Top-up program with universities associated with us and successfully earn the degree award.

Universities associated with LCOGE: